We are active industry insiders, tracking everyday changes and rhythms to detect areas of impact and opportunity for our clients.

We thrive on making sense of a contrarian market, a spoiled customer, and rapidly changing technology to ultimately provide solutions and strategies that generate immediate growth and capture long-term loyalty.

Our practice follows three core phases:

1. Industry Tracking & Analysis (technology, economy, sector-specific)

2. Customer Research (qualitative, quantitative, anthropological)

3. Individual Brand Performance (cross-channel customer experience audit)

The output is a set of deliverables delivered in fresh formats designed to fast-track internal adoption and kick-start implementation to increase profitability. Formats can include:

  • Audit reports
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Short-term action plans (3 month, 6 month, 12 month)
  • Field excursions and workshops
  • Executive off-sites
  • Internal conferences and seminars
  • Internal reports
  • White space analysis
In our consulting work, we are engaged on all or single phases, either through highly targeted projects, as ongoing advisors, or to deliver comprehensive insights, analysis and solutions.
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