We began in 2010, as a group of industry experts to provide perspective on how technology and consumer behavior was impacting the retail business. As more brands valued this guidance in a changing marketplace, we found ourselves becoming an educational company, traveling the globe leading workshops and hosting our own private annual conference.

It was through this work that we were able to earn a valuable vantage point on what was working for brands, what wasn’t, and, most importantly, why. Honing a mindful and informed perspective is something that is still the soul of our company and part of our everyday operations.

Through our focus on private consulting for many iconic brands, we found that companies today are being faced with higher (and higher) customer expectations across channels, but no practical means for figuring out their exact position or taking swift action. At a time when consumer spending is down, it has become even more crucial to have this awareness and planning. It can mean the difference between a down quarter and a profitable one.

Our practice of CX was born of our passion for how people think, feel and behave as customers, our heritage as a digitally lead company, and our work with best-in-class brands who are aware their customer and competition are changing fast, and who know their future success depends on staying ahead of both. Our educational roots allow us to deliver our intel and analysis in formats that are fresh, unbiased, and provide a deeper level of context on the connected customer experience.

Love Notes

“We found the information and findings incredibly valuable. The way the quadrants were set up and how easy it was in the presentation format to understand what we were doing well and where we had opportunity. Having an external perspective de-policitized the process, and made follow up actions super easy to manage internally. It meant there was low friction to get this going which was SUPER valuable to us. Great expertise and a deep vision for where the brand should and can go. Thought-provoking, pervasive in scope, and really well done.”

“I was really impressed with the quality and practicality of your content and findings. You are so respected and I can see why!”


“The level of analysis provided by FC Tech Group proves to be an invaluable asset in steering our brand into the future, while providing insights with a unique understanding of our heritage. We have benefited by how uniquely positioned they are in the market, as their insight comes from a combination of understanding the technology space, the customer, and the fashion landscape. For years they have been a trusted resource and partner.”


“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for putting together such a stellar program and audit. I am certain that the information we gathered will help us to stay ahead of our competition and relevant in the digital universe. It also gave us much to aspire to and grow towards.”

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