Achieving Press-Worthy Initiatives Through Technology Partnerships

It’s come to a point where we’ve catapulted beyond the learning curve that we first encountered when using social media for our brands. We no longer have puzzling thoughts on how to capture the brand voice or what type of imagery works for our audiences. So now that these factors are crystal clear and it the critical role of social media for brands has become obvious, what’s the next step? Do we continue to broadcast and disseminate what we desire? That’s not it. In fact, it’s time to go in the opposite direction and innovate. And what better way to do that than to focus in on the newest technology platforms available to us as brand marketers, and consider how we can partner with them to move our industry forward.

That is precisely what Ria Tobaccowala and Laurie Ortiz of Google tackled during their talk at this year’s FashionForward Global conference. And who would know better about innovation than one of the leading technology platforms that is attracting all the forward-pushing, high-caliber fashion brands than the company’s own account leads. Ria and Laurie took us through a few mind blowing statistics and projections they see happening with some of Google’s many products.

First off, did you know that on YouTube alone, there is 27 years worth of beauty tutorial content? But YouTube gets even deeper than surface value, because just as the audience wants to relate and get information from their favorite YouTubers and channels, they also want to want interact with, and be a part of, the content itself. And that is precisely where Google+ Hangouts come in. Brands like DVF, Rag & Bone, Rebecca Minkoff and Rachel Zoe have all taken part in Google+’s very first shoppable hangout.

Ria and Laurie see Google+ shoppable hangouts being the next Home Shopping Network powered by the brand; by putting the designer directly in front of the customer and giving them power to chime into the conversation and immediately act on the content they’re consuming. As the first fashion brand to partner with Google+ for the shoppable hangout, Diane Von Furstenberg and her team were more than willing to elect themselves as the “guinea pigs” of the new experimental initiative with Google. It takes that level of willingness to be able collaborate with a technology platform to not only see where it will take both brand and platform – but where it will take the connection with the consumer. There were women that were part of DVF’s live-on-air shoppable hangout from all over the world that were able to ask Diane the burning questions they would have never had the chance to ask otherwise. And as you watched on, you could tell there is an extraordinary connection brewing between the customer and the brand itself.

There’s no question that when forward thinking brands come together to collaborate on something completely new, there can be some kind of magic that happens that simply cannot be created by following the normal nodes of social publishing and engagement. These Hangouts are just one shining example of the domino effect that working towards innovation has on the collaborators, the consumers and subsequently, the industry. It’s a win-win opportunity for all parties and it gets us excited about the future of technology, by being responsible for leading it.   Photo Credits:  
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