Who Are the Fashion Brands with Strong (Relevant) Personalities?

Our digital age demands that individuals and mega brands alike must show their personality online. If you don’t? Then, your brand is written off by the consumer and considered irrelevant. But it’s no easy fete to translate brand ethos and what may be decades of heritage into today’s ever changing digital dialect. While some brands are in an identity crisis when it comes translating who they are into digital terms, there are a select few, the digital elite, who know exactly who they are and invite you into their world to experience their brand through the multiple social platforms they use. Let’s take a look at the brands with the strongest digital personalities and the tools they use to share their brand traits. Brand: Free People Distinguishing Factor/Personality Trait: Creates a tangible fantasy that feeds their free-spirited customer. Tools of the Trade: Instagram, Bldg 25 Blog
Free people have been successfully selling their brand of bohemian inspired clothing to young women for nearly 3 decades. When social came around, the brand adapted to the digital space and quickly developed their digital personality that spoke to millions of crafty, free-spirited young women that feed off of inspirational quotes and images. Free people took to Instagram to share said images and the FP fans flocked, boasting a whopping 812K followers. They’ve remained consistent and unstoppable by sharing staff style photos, DIY ideas, horoscope and recipes on their brand blog, Bldg 25, that acts as the number one destination for customers looking to envelope themselves in the Free People culture, without ever pushing the hard sell.

Brand: DKNY
Distinguishing Factor/Personality Trait: Creates a girlfriend-like dialogue with customers that draws them into the brand’s story.
Tools of the Trade: Twitter

The best thing that happened to Twitter was Aliza Licht, known to most as @DKNY PR Girl. The SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan was an early adapter and took to Twitter before most brands had even heard of the micro publishing platform. Whether it been rants about morning coffee, Oscar season, prepping for fashion week or dressing the most sought after celebrities to 475K followers, @DKNY PR Girl pulls you in to her world and you just can’t look away. But it’s putting a true, tangible personality like Aliza behind the voice of brand’s biggest social platform that really gives consumers the authenticity that they demand on social media.

Brand: Refinery 29
Distinguishing Factor/ Personality Trait: Remaining relatable and aspirational  through distinctive imagery and language.
Tools of the Trade: Website & Instagram

It goes without saying, Refinery29 has become the best friend of every Gen-Y woman. But how does such a young digital company make such strides so quickly? By always remaining relatable to the audience while maintaining the aspiration. It is clear that they know how to relay that tone through the content they produce on their website. But their secret sauce lies in their authentic dialect and art direction. The models they use and the people they feature never feel too out of reach to the audience, that relatable factor. And their images are fun, full of color, fashion-forward and speak to the millennial audience that they know so well. With 207K followers, Instagram serves as the perfect platform to pull in the audience closer with their one their biggest strength their distinctive images that scream R29 and speak the language of their target reader.

Brand: Nike Training Club
Distinguishing Factor/ Personality Trait: Motivational Language and Images that cater to women.
Tools of the Trade: Facebook

With so many fitness communities available for women on the web, it’s hard to stand out. But when you’re Nike, you create programs to serve all of your audiences. In this case we’re talking about Nike Training Club, a division of Nike geared towards women that are committed to fitness at all levels. And NTC means business. That’s why you’ll see all of the highly motivational language on their Facebook page urging women to push themselves in their work outs and with 1.6M likes, it seems to be working. The photographs and instructographics of women and sports stars like Serena Williams doing push ups, yoga and NTC drills gives consumers new workout ideas with the Nike brand name always on their mind.
Photo credits: Merten Snijders
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