Most Read Articles of 2011

2011 has officially come to a close and we are all now back at our desks, albeit perhaps a bit more plump than when we left a week before. We are planning, executing, thinking, and strategizing, ready for what’s next. But as we gear up for the year ahead and think forward, it doesn’t hurt to take a (brief) look back at the most prominent take-aways from the year before. Here, our most read articles of last year, re-mixed to provide context for a successful and thoughtful 2012 year.  

Tumbling Into The Fashion Scene

Social Tribes Are More Potent than Social Networks for Luxury Brands

Is Your Fashion Brand on Instagram?

An Introduction to Facebook Commerce

The Potential Marketing Opportunities in Augmented Reality

Are Street Style Blogs Going Out of Fashion


Leveraging Mobile to Market In the Moment

Online Visual Merchandising, A New Perspective

Beauty Is When You Believe It


The Luxury Storefront Becomes Digital

 Photo Credits: Tara Moore. Please refer to each original article for proper image credits.  
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