Letter from the FashionForward Founders

To all who attended FashionForward or followed along on Twitter, and to the amazingly supportive, intelligent and savvy Fashion’s Collective team who played a significant role in the day,  a very big thank you. We set out to create a new experience at the intersection of fashion and digital; one that was based on highlighting the true leaders in our industry and providing a platform from which they could enlighten our audience in a collective effort to move the industry forward. We centered FashionForward on three core principles, education, innovation and leadership. We did not allow sponsors to be speakers. We offered audience access by invitation only. We chose each of the speakers not based on their mastery of best practices, but as a celebration of their unique and successful approaches to the most critical issues. In essence, we created the anti-conference. We chose the Crosby Street Hotel on account of it’s incredibly unique layout, which allowed participants to make themselves comfortable throughout the day, and fostered a level of intimacy that ultimately lead to an open dialogue, genuine connections and a fun and insightful day. We elected to include a renowned cognitive anthropologist as the first speaker of the day, and Dr. Bob Deutsch’s talk titled, “Luxury and the Many Meanings of Beyond Expectation” proved to be one of the most revered presentations of the day. Our goal was to create an environment where those committed to evolving in the fashion and digital industry could strike up a conversation and learn, not just from the high-caliber speakers, but from each other. Judging by the flood of thank you emails we have received from attendees, and the overwhelmingly positive tweets, we seem to have succeeded. …And we have all of you to thank. Thank you for being so open to take in a new experience, and for being so willing to participate. FashionForward, at its core, relies on the people in attendance, and as much as we are rooted in education, innovation and leadership, we are able to offer that because you are receptive, appreciative and active in the pursuance of moving the industry forward. Please keep connected, inquisitive and stay tuned for additional updates and events. The next FashionForward will be held in the spring of 2012 and will focus specifically on integrated and contextual commerce and how brands should be innovating in order to drive their bottom line.   -Elizabeth and Scott   Photo Credits: Roeland de Jong’s Instagram at video shoot, day after FashionForward
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