A Winter Rant

Goodnight linen, farewell flip-flops, bon voyage swim trunks…it’s been nice. Now that summer is in our rear view, we have to store all the outfits that worked so hard to keep us exposed to the sun and baked till golden brown. It’s time to make room for the bulk and layers that refuse to share precious closet space with our summer garb. Beach umbrellas are coming to a close and bikinis are fluffing their pillows for long winter hibernation. We have to wrap our heads around the sad reality that the days will be a little shorter, the nights a lot colder, and salvaging good hair days under knit caps are all in a day’s work. The season calls for pedicure fairies to visit less often because they too migrate south in the winter. In just a matter of weeks we can look forward to peeling off layers of wool, cashmere, shetland, tweed, and flannel instead of the skin we just burnt on an island somewhere. It’s a matter of minutes before salt not only ruins are asses from overeating, but also devastates any shoe that’s not made of rubber after it’s been sprinkled all over our sidewalks. Check your local listings for Law and Order: Special Coat Check Unit. Missing outerwear? They are on the case. I can’t wait until I have to wear gloves and the touch screens for all electronic devices are deemed useless. At least there are always spring daydreams to look forward to during Fashion Week.  Photo Credits: D. Sharon Pruitt, Pink Sherbert Photography
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