The Fast Track to Style Stardom

I have many long-term goals, and only one short-term. I know that this is the opposite of how most people organize their lives, but I’ll never claim to be organized, especially when it comes to my ambitions. My long-term goals, although very important, mean nothing to this article, so we can take the shortcut that bypasses my home in Rome, babies, wealth and power so that we can reach the very center of my immediate mission: becoming a style icon. Now, I am not trying to go the traditional route; you know, the hard work, the sleepless nights, networking, blogging, or any of the things that take time. I am, after all, trying to fulfill a short-range promise to myself. Step 1: Fall in love with yourself. I don’t mean in the way a post-pubescent boy does when he is locked in a bathroom, but on a more cellular level. Allow yourself to understand that you are built with a responsibility to be happy and if you are successful in doing so, not only will people flock to you, but you will also be deeply in tune with your aesthetic and its relation to how much you care about yourself. Step 2: Pay attention to everything Nick Wooster says. I am fully aware that this is a total style cliché, but this man’s taste level is a sartorial masterpiece. What’s the point of explaining? Click here and see for yourself. Step 3: Be relentless. Most people have followed trends and very few people have started one. The goal in this particular step is not to follow or lead, but to be uncompromising in what you think works for you. It may not be cool for anyone today, but it may just work for everyone tomorrow. Most importantly, you stay true to yourself. Step 4: Get shot by The Sartorialist. It can’t hurt. If you’re having a hard time finding yourself at the right place at the right time, then here is a tool by our friends at Refinery29. Step 5: Have taste. If you are not born with this trait, then disregard this article (Except Step 1) and maybe look into becoming a deep-sea fisherman. Taste can’t be taught, but it can evolve.   So there it is, the shortcut to becoming a fashion heavyweight. If you have any decency you will send a percentage of your future earnings to the good people at Fashion Fridays.   Photo Credits: Ed Holub
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