The 8 Must-Attend Luxury Digital Events

The uptick in luxury brands focusing their attention (and budgets) on digital marketing has also had the positive effect of an increase in the number of industry events catering to luxury digital marketing.  Here are the top 8 upcoming events that you should have on your radar:   1.  Luxury Interactive London: May 24 – 25, 2011 New York: June 28 – 29, 2011 One of the premier events to fall at the crossroads of digital and luxury is the Luxury Interactive conference held in both London and New York each year.   Speakers from brands such as Dior, Ralph Lauren, Jaguar and many more will be in attendance. Fashion’s Collective will also be represented on the stage at each of the events, so be on the lookout for myself, Tamar Koifman, in London and Elizabeth Schofield in New York covering the topic of how social media should fit into a brand’s overarching business strategy. Can’t make it to the event?  While we’re not aware of a planned livestream, but be sure to check in on Twitter at @LuxInteractive and @FashCollective, and monitor hashtag #LuxInteractive.   2.  L2 Think Tank Emerging Digital Media Platforms Clinic, New York:  May 20, 2011 L2, a think tank dedicated to digital innovation, was started by NYU luxury marketing professor Scott Galloway and has turned into an event organizer that has become one of the more important learning grounds for NY-based luxury digital marketers.  The upcoming Emerging Platforms event is a half-day clinic focused on digital platforms other than Facebook and Twitter. Speakers from Tumblr, Polyvore, and Google will be in attendance.  L2 puts on a slew of other great events, so be sure to keep an eye on them. Can’t make it to the event?  L2 offers live viewing, but for a price.  Otherwise check in on Twitter at @L2_ThinkTank.   3. #LuxChat Twitter:  May 25, 2011, 1pm EST LuxChat is a live, interactive Twitter discussion that takes places once a month and features a guest “speaker” each time.  Past events included guest speakers from Bergdorf Goodman, Lexus, and GiltGroupe.  An easy way to connect with industry insiders without leaving the office, LuxChat is worth checking into each month.  And even better, the LuxChat team puts together a helpful recap at the end of each event on the LuxChat Tumblr page. Follow along on Twitter via @LuxChat and #LuxChat.   4. Fashion 2.0 Meetup, New York New York:  May 5, 2011 The Fashion 2.0 Meetup was started by entrepreneur and fashion blogger, Yuli Ziv, to help the fashion industry better understand the changing face of media and marketing.  The group is limited to fashion industry professionals and offers monthly events highlighting a specific topic each time.  Past events focused on mobile marketing, online video, and private sales. This week’s event focuses on the Fitting Room of the Future with guest speakers from, MyShape, and  Follow along online at hashtag #Fashion20.   5. Fashion140 New York: May 4, 2011 If you’ve been a longtime Twitter advocate, then you’ve likely heard of the 140 Characters Conference, started by internet entrepreneur and social media activist Jeff Pulver.  He quickly ramped up from one Twitter-focused event to numerous digital-minded events covering a range of industries.  Now for the first time, fashion will get the spotlight at the upcoming Fashion140 Conference taking place this week. Guest speakers include senior execs from Urban Outfitters, Elle, Gilt Groupe, Google Boutiques, Twitter, and many more, and with a very manageable entry fee of $140, this is an event definitely worth attending. Can’t make it in person?  Follow along online on Twitter at @Fashion140 and #Fashion140.   6. FT Business of Luxury Summit Lausanne, Switzerland: June 5 – 7, 2011 While not specifically focused on digital, the FT Business of Luxury Summit is an important get together of senior luxury sector executives.  Covering topics such as Macroeconomics, Counterfeiting, and Pricing, this event will be sure to have an impact on luxury businesses this year.  Speakers include Presidents and CEOs from brands such as Lanvin, Hublot, Piaget, Stella McCartney, Krug, and many more. We hope to see some live updates via Twitter but no Twitter handle or hashtag has been announced. Till then we’ll be monitoring the Financial Times Conferences Facebook page for further updates.   7. Luxury Society London:  May 23, 2011 Geneva:  May 26, 2011 Paris:  June 9, 2011 Luxury Society, the online community of luxury professionals, has recently created LS Locals, a series of members-only events in select cities from Hong Kong to Mumbai to Paris.  The events are set up with an introductory panel discussion followed by cocktail networking. Fashion’s Collective was in attendance in New York on April 28th and we had good things to say about the event.  We also hope to be present at the Geneva version, so come say hello! While there will likely not be a livestream at these events, check in with @LuxurySociety and @FashionsCollective on Twitter for updates.   8. TEDxUbud Bali: May 6, 2011 It’s hard not to be a fan of the TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) Talks. Originally started as an annual conference in California, it has expanded to become a global exchange of ideas via speakers and events in cities all over the world. When Fashion’s Collective founder Elizabeth Schofield was invited to speak in Bali (of all places!) at the TEDxUbud conference, we couldn’t blame her for jumping at the opportunity.  Although the conference is not specifically focused on luxury or digital, we’re eager to hear Elizabeth speak about the transformative power of personal projects… in this case, the creation of Fashion’s Collective! If you don’t already have plans to attend, no worries, there is a confirmed live stream of the event here: and we’ll also be following along via Twitter @TEDxUbud.   9.  What Luxury Digital events should we be adding to this list?   Author: Tamar Koifman Copy Editor: Gina Conforti
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