One Italian Retailer’s Impressive Digital Savvy: Spotlight on Luisa via Roma

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has been a bit slow to embrace digital marketing, assuming for a long while that luxury customers didn’t shop online. What’s more, many companies with a strong heritage were worried that online would “cheapen” the brand prestige they had built over the years. LUISAVIAROMA is a company that’s been around since 1930, is based in Florence, and sells high-end fashion to luxury consumers. Yet, it is a company that really does embrace innovation. Through a diversity of content that includes video presentations, artist collaborations, exclusive events, selling direct from the runway and a robust ecommerce website in addition to it’s actual store, this Italian fashion retailer is much more than it’s single brick and mortar storefront. Today, Fashion’s Collective sits for a conversation, shedding light on some of their most successful initiatives.   FC: When did you decide that a website was necessary? LVR: In December 1999 the launch of the website LUISAVIAROMA.COM added value to the store. It offers high quality products, exclusive customer care and the ultimate modern shopping experience breaking the barrier between in-store and on-line. Today the online store and the physical store integrate themselves perfectly.   FC: You take a pretty impressive stance on experimenting with different marketing tactics, online you’re involved in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and a blog, but you also do events. (Past events have included collaborations with the likes of Nokia, Fiat, and Missoni.) How would you describe your approach to marketing? Are there any channels that interest you the most? LVR: We have a very innovative approach to marketing, particularly the Social Networking Platforms provide us brand knowledge, customer service etc. We also attribute great importance to fashion bloggers.   FC: Tell us about your most successful event. LVR: Two times a year we organize the event Firenze4Ever where we are breaking the barrier between in-store and online. We also have events with important designers such as Swarovski Elements.   FC: As a brand you have expressed an interest and appreciation for the arts. This is evident even through things like your homepage video, which I love. What was the inspiration behind these videos? LVR: We are always very interested in art, which can be seen also in our events. The homepage video has been created due to the wish to integrate dancing into fashion.   FC: You have begun selling direct from the runway through your ecommerce website. What’s interesting is that you offered the men’s collections first. What was the reason for this? LVR: We started the Buy It First 2 years ago and we started with the men’s collection first simply because the fashion shows for men are before the women’s shows.   FC: What has the response been? Are you finding that people are clamoring for apparel that’s hot off the runway? LVR: The response has been great. Many clients appreciate Buy It First as the possibility to immediately buy the looks from the latest runway shows.   FC: And last, is there anything upcoming that you are especially excited about? LVR: The 3rd edition of Firenze4Ever will take place from June 9th till 11th. We will organize a Styling Lab with the most famous fashion bloggers and of course some other very special guests! Here a look at some of Luisa Via Roma’s digital assets: Video titled, Cocktail Hour Swarovski Elements Campaign and Collection But It First, Direct from the Runway Video titled, Sun Dance (Click to watch)   Author: Elizabeth Schofield Copy Editor: Gina Conforti Photo credits: LUISAVIAROMA
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