Holiday Wishlist, Part One

Since childhood, I have heard stories of a very well known man of a portly persuasion with rather interesting habits. He dresses in all red and white (not recommended) and lives up north, not 125th Street, but even further. This man has some sort of political immunity that allows him the right to break into your house without any legal recourse. He loves cookies, probably because the elves that make them in the hollow tree work for him through the holidays. This seemingly powerful German man (I can only assume with a last name like Claus) has the ability to give you whatever you want if you just write it down on a list. So from here on until Christmas, I am writing a series of wish lists. First we tackle the men; I figured the wish list for her is better left a little closer to the holiday so that it is fresh in our magically rotund courier’s mind. 1. The U*Control RC Helicopter by Brookstone, $49.95. I know that I should have started with an item that is a little more fashion lifestyle appropriate, but this, dare I say, toy, is too cool to not suggest. This indoor ‘copter has a range of about 80 feet and the ability to go forward, backward, left, and right. I walked into the Brookstone in midtown Manhattan and proceeded to the demonstration, surrounded by a group of adults that looked like children walking into Hogwarts for the first time. 2. Isaia, available at fine department stores. Anything in their catalog would suffice. Gianluca Isaia is the forefront of old-world master tailoring while maintaining a youthful aesthetic. From sportswear to tailored clothing the brand has stayed true to Neapolitan lifestyle and luxury since the 1930s. 3. BeoVision 7 by Bang & Olufsen, contact B&O for pricing. This item is not only technically a fantastic television, but also a beautiful piece of art that any man would be happy to hang in his man cave. Add to that availability in a 55″or 40″ format with the sound quality, ultra-sharp picture, and built in Blue-ray player that this TV offers, and it is hard to beat. 4. Balvenie Single Malt Scotch 12 Years Old Doublewood, $65.00. Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants described my favorite scotch best: “First nosing passes discover scents of walnuts, grass and dark coffee; aromas of black tea and tobacco come to the forefront. Entry is delightfully grainy, malty and vanilla bean-bittersweet; the midpalate is silky, creamy, Sherry-sweet, pruny, black raisin-like and delicious. Ends on a medium-sweet dark chocolate note. A terrific 12 Year Old.” 5. Berluti men’s shoes, available exclusively at Berluti boutiques and Barney’s New York. Handmade in Italy since 1895, these shoes are the jewels of my closet. Berluti is the top of the heap when it comes to craftsmanship, material, and their one-of-a kind patina. I could easily make this list a thousand items long, but we have to be a little realistic. How much can one man actually fit into a sled, anyway? All articles are reviewed and edited by Gina Conforti
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