An Updated Snapshot: Luxury Department Stores on Twitter

As a Twitter fanatic, it’s been interesting to watch as more and more luxury brands and retailers get on the “Twitter train.” In particular, I like checking out how the department stores (amidst their complex organizations) are innovating in this space. Unfortunately, not all have gotten on board, but there are a few clear standouts. Of particular note is Bergdorf Goodman, who despite a very limited retail footprint (two stores if you count the Manhattan women’s and men’s stores separately) now have a larger Twitter following than Bloomingdale’s! The key to Bergdorf’s success in this arena has been in the cheery, loquacious personality of the Bergdorf teams’ Tweeter(s). Taking a look at the sheer number of tweets they’ve put out (5,032 as of this posting), especially as compared to “heavyweight” Nordstrom, shows how engaging they are. Barneys continues to shine with a very strong follower base, but why don’t they make better use of their highly-entertaining Creative Director, Simon Doonan. I have no doubt he would quickly draw a lot of new fans. Twitter newcomer, Saks Fifth Avenue, is off to a good start but is going to have to step up their game and offer a more unified voice if they don’t want to get lost amongst their more chatty competitors. This article was featured in the Business of Fashion Daily Digest Business of Fashion
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